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Related article: Date: Mon, 13 Mar 2006 13:23:58 -0500 From: Sean F Subject: The Adult TheaterThis story touches on incest with a father and son. This is complete fiction and nothing like this has ever happened to me nor do I fantasize about it with my father. The "son" element was added to give the story a more humiliating twist to it. I work as a salesman and travel around the city everyday. Occasionally, I have a customer sitting across from me that is very sexy and attractive, but a while back, I met one woman that drove me absolutely wild, and I left with a raging hard on that needed to be relieved.This is where my story begins. After seeing this girl, in her short skirt, dark nylons, high heels and a low cut blouse that exposed her beautiful large breasts in her lacy bra when she bent over, I needed to jerk off almost immediately after leaving her office.I went to an old theater in the area that had been converted to an adult theater a few years ago. I thought that I'd sit back, watch a porno and get off quickly, then return to work.I walked into the theater and couldn't see a thing for a while because my eyes hadn't adjusted to the dark yet. Once my eyes adjusted, I could see that there were 5 or 6 other guys in the theater. I noticed them all getting up and walking around, and eventually, they are all sitting in my area. One guy finally sat right next to me and noticed that I had my cock out and that I was playing with it.I was uncomfortable at first, and tried to hide it when he sat down, but he already noticed it, and reached over to stroke it for me. For some reason, I'd never had another guy touch me before, but I really didn't seem to care at the time since I was so horny.Soon all of the guys were around me, and they are all pulling on themselves watching the first guy go down and suck on me. I was really close to cumming when he suddenly stopped. I said, "Please, I'm so close, finish me off. I'm really, really close." He looked up and said, "Not here, I'll get you off back there where it's more private." He pointed to the movie screen, and I knew that he was talking about going behind the screen where we wouldn't get caught if someone else walked in. I figured that this was a good idea, because I couldn't let myself get busted for something as dumb as this.He lead me to an area behind the screen, along with the other guys, and then down some steps into the basement where they stripped me naked and started to tie me up tightly. I began to struggle because I knew something wasn't right about this, but the other guys were holding my arms and legs. While holding me, they were groping and feeling my body, which turned me on.Once tied, they each took turns standing on a counter top that put my mouth right inline with their dicks. They forced me to suck each of them off. I kept trying to resist, but each time that I did, they would add a clamp and a weight to my balls. This hurt like hell!Men kept filing up and down the stairs and stepping up for me to service them. I had Lolita Cumshot no idea where they were coming from, but could only assume that they were guys that had been in the theater before and knew that there was always a newcomer being raped in the basement. They kept me hard for hours on end without letting me cum which was beyond frustration now - I was beginning to get very pissed off, but was starting to enjoy the taste of another man's cum. With every dick that I sucked and tasted, my dick hurt more from wanting to get harder.Soon, they tied me up with my ass fully exposed and I was now sucking and fucking all of them.After servicing at least 20 to 30 men, some of them two and three times, they finally attached a tube to my dick that was connected to a vacuum. This thing, once turned on, sucked my dick completely into the tube. The remaining men began stroking and milking me. Once I was getting closer to cumming, they put another tube into my mouth and as I came, all of my semen was pumped into my mouth and I had no choice but to swallow it all.They cleaned me up by sticking a hose in my ass and shooting water inside. They lead me to a toilet to let go of all the water and semen that was in my ass. This happened a few times until I was completely cleaned out. I felt exhausted and very sore. Lolita Cumshot My dick hurt from all of the grabbing and stroking, my jaw hurt from all of the sucking, my ass hurt from the fucking, and now, my insides hurt from the enema that they just gave me.They let me get dressed, and as I was dressing, they told me that I was now, this group's sex slave. I told them to go to hell because they raped me. They told me that I had to return every week or they would come to my house and get me. I guess when I was stripped down, one of them got all of my personal information out of my wallet. The thought of anyone coming to the house embarrassed the hell out of me because I live with my teenage son, and he'd be devastated if he found out that I fooled around with another guy.I figured it was best to do what they told me. Besides, it was the most erotic thing that I'd ever experienced. I'd been divorced for three years, and hadn't had sex in a very long time, so this was different, erotic, and made me feel desired again.I showed up the following week and got tied in a different position. I was shocked, outraged, and surprised to see my son and his friends are there and are at the front of the line to be sucked dry. I started to resist, and break free but couldn't. I started to tell my son that it wasn't what it seemed, and he told me to stay quiet. "Dad, you are just as big of a whore as I am," he told me. "Just stay quiet and do what you're told". I had to admit, seeing his hard dick was somewhat of a turn on, but I also felt like throwing up thinking what was to happen next. I was going to suck my own son's cock, and eat his cum.They treated me the same way as they did the last time that I visited. Lolita Cumshot I serviced my son, his friends, and all of the other men that were there, as well as the few that came in while the ritual was happening. I was getting better at servicing other men now, and wasn't in as much pain as I was before.Since my son now knew that I was submissive, the ritual continued at our house. Everytime my son wanted to get off, he would order me to service him. I did it, not only because I craved the taste now, and would jerk off almost nightly about it, but because the thought of my son's hot dick was very exciting as well. As wrong as it is, it still turns me on to this day! That, and the fact that I was told by the group that I had to do what I was told or they would all come to the house and make it clear to the neighbors who they were, and what I did.Sometimes, my son brought home different boys from his class and I was ordered to service both of them.One time, he brought his teacher home and made me jerk off in front of them. That was very humiliating just standing there naked in front of a complete stranger while playing with myself. While I was doing this, they would make little comments that were degrading to me. For some reason, I liked it though. I was getting into the little slut role now, and liked being treated like this. Once I came, I was ordered service the teacher, who was hung like a horse and fucked my ass hard until I felt a huge, hot load of jism fill my ass.I was finally ordered to come to the theater on a Sunday morning when it was closed. They had me come in through the back door, and they lead me to a side room behind the screen. I'd never seen this room before, and it was nicely decorated and had a glass shower in the corner. I was wondering what Lolita Cumshot was going on, because I was usually trained in the basement, and this was a new thing. They immediately stripped me down and restrained me. I was familiar with that procedure, but still was nervous of whatever was going to happen next.They walked me out on the large stage in front of the screen. The lights were dim, and I could see that this large theater had about 100 people sitting in it, and they were all watching me.The masters wheeled out carts and boxes with different torture devices in them. I was bound tight and they proceeded to do different, painful things to me. This was degrading, and embarrassing, but it made me hornier by the minute. They kept me hard throughout the entire session, and I later found out that this was a role-playing thing similar to a religious ritual.They get the victim hot and bothered, and put him through many tortures, and once every person in the theater needs release, he walks up on the stage and climbs into a high seat that's next to the victim's face. The victim is to suck on each man and get him off. When he gets off, he pulls out of your mouth and blows it on your face. The ritual symbolizes that the trainee is now a full member, and this is also the "passing of the baton ritual" where a new victim is introduced to the members.While I am servicing each man and getting covered with their hot cum, the others on the stage continue to clamp, prod, electrocute and tease my stiff dick - keeping me close to orgasm but wouldn't let me.One by one, each man stepped up, unloaded on my face until it was running down the length of my body. I was covered completely! For the finale, they had a young kid come out. He looked scared and was restrained like I was when they walked me out. I was told that he was my new replacement.They tied him onto a table and released me from my binds. Covered in cum, they walked me over to him and made me suck him dry. When he came, it was huge and seemed endless. I swallowed every drop.They tied me to a wall and tied him up on his knees with my dick completely in his mouth. He gagged a couple of times but adjusted quickly and began swallowing every inch that he was given. I eventually came down his throat, and you could see it overflow out of his mouth and it dripped onto his small pubic patch.We were both walked off of the stage and back into the prep room. They put us into the shower. They ordered us to clean up, and get eachother off while bathing.Once out of the shower, I could hear them ministering the same commands that I was given when I first was taken. I asked one of my masters why I never went through this ritual when I came on board. He told me that the last victim disappeared somewhere. Just packed up and moved. I guess they were still looking for him, but they needed a replacement soon. They just started looking when I walked into the theater that first day.Normally, they like to introduce new members like we just initiated the new guy, to give the new victims "personal introductions" to every other member. The initiation period lasts Lolita Cumshot one to two months. I was on the fast track though, and that's why they got my son involved. They got him, and told him to keep me practicing at home as much as he could so that I'd get better.All members are to attend these ceremonies and initiation is to let the new guy get them off.I was now a full member of the group, and with this came new orders. For the past two months, I was the sex toy, but I was also being groomed to suck dick, learn to love the taste of another man, and learn how to pleasure another man. With this knowledge, I'd be a better member. Now, they had to train me to be dominant. I was to be at all of the training sessions to groom the new victim that I just initiated.Each week, I was to show up and work over the new kid with a couple of other members. They would train me to be domineering.I would still show up every week after my training was completed because I enjoyed it so much. I still fantasize of being the initiate, and swallowing so much cum. I get these fantasies quenched by asking my son to bring as many of his friends home as possible and having them line up for me as I milk them all dry.The excitement felt from watching new initiates is still very hot. They always come out onto the stage, see the crowd and resist a little. They are always restrained, but all try to cover themselves when they see us all sitting there watching every curve on them. They nervously accept their predicament, and begin to get covered in semen.
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